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Do you think anyone's seen us, Padfoot?

...don't worry, Moony, I don't think anyone suspects us.

Community For Those Obsessed with PotterPuff...
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Welcome to the LiveJournal community dedicated to uniting everyone in love with potterpuffs Graphics of the characters from the World of Hogwarts. This Community is unofficial and is not in conjuction at all with potterpuffs, just a place for fans to upload and squee over the prettiful artwork =]

Potter Puffs are Puffy love...

  • Most important - ALWAYS CREDIT potterpuffs for the original images/graphics.
  • You must treat each other with courtesy.
  • Any flaming of potterpuffs will be deleted and the poster in question banned from the community.
  • Remember to upload images to your own image account - such as Photobucket.
  • This is not a community for requests! Or for introducing yourself, if that seems harsh - too bad, I'm sorry, but this community is pretty big and is getting too many pointless posts. If I see any request posts or introduction posts I will be deleting them. Requests should be posted to ppuff_requests.
  • This community was made to share your artwork, albiet, icons/wallpapers/lj layouts/headers/banners etc etc. In that, I mean each post should have an image or a link to an image of some kind that HAS to do with potterpuffs afterall that is what we are all here for.
  • If I find anything unsuitable from now on, it will be deleted and I won't give an explaination, if it doesn't fit the guidelines, it's gone.
  • I'm not trying to be a bitch, but this community gets alot of posts, and if it doesn't start obeying the rules, I will have to monitor each and every post, by having them come through me first before I allow them to be posted.
  • If you post more than 3 icons, please place from #3 onwards behind a cut!
  • Also, this community is friendly, if I see any snark or bitchyness from members I will delete them.
  • PLEASE limit your posts to ONE PER DAY [no numerous posts a day from the same poster. EDIT is your friend - use it! Or wait until the next day and post again]

    Please Note:
  • This Community is not affiliated with potterpuffs
  • It is Unofficial - for all Original Work ... - GO VISIT potterpuffs
  • This community is solely for the purpose for fans to show their own graphics which have been inspired by potterpuffs adorable Puffy-Hogwarts Characters =]

    potterpuffs Usage Guide - PLEASE READ!